McKenzie SewOn has over 25 years of experience in the embroidery industry.  With industry leading machinery and the digitizing expertise offered, our quality is unrivaled.

Rest assured that our experienced staff will take great care with your order whether it is 12 pieces or 12,000 pieces.  Our highly skilled quality control team will take the time necessary to ensure all product meets our standards, and more importantly, your standards before leaving our building.


McKenzie SewOn specializes in attention-to-detail screen printing on a wide array of products including, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, shorts, bags, umbrellas, and seat backs. 

We have the finest equipment in the industry.  We have automatic presses that can print up to 700 shirts an hour for high volume runs and manual machines operated by our experienced staff for smaller runs and specialty items.  Traditionally, we have been a plastisol ink printing facility.  Recently, water-based inks have become part of our repertoire.  This type of printing is eco-friendly and provides a much softer feel than plastisol ink.   

While we take great pride in our craft, we realize that we must continue to evolve.  We are constantly looking at new technologies and techniques.  We strive to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining the attention to detail that our customers have come to expect.

Heat Press

Heat press printing is quite simple and has become increasingly popular with many of our customers.  Once the design is set, we cut the vinyl ourselves and transfer it onto the garment with our state-of-the-art presses.  This is a great option for athletic teams that want names and numbers embellished on jerseys or other garments.  The opportunities for this media are endless.


McKenzie SewOn has access to a variety of great promotional items. Having this added service makes all of your logo product needs one call away. Whether it’s making your ideas come to life, or suggesting ideas for your event, we are always here to help. In the promotional industry there are endless possibilities. McKenzie SewOn has always partnered with companies that represent the same quality and on time delivery that we strive for. Although we can provide just about anything with a logo on it, we also strongly support the manufacturers that have exceeded expectations. This provides better products, clearer communication, and better value for our customers. There are a lot of horror stories when buying from a distant unknown source over the internet. Let McKenzie SewOn be the local one stop shop that you can count on.


Want to get your apparel sold online? Or have a uniform program to be managed over multiple locations? McKenzie SewOn has or can create the solution. From designing/launching/maintaining the webpage to fulfilling orders to maintaining inventory, we do it all. Why take up space in your warehouse when we can relieve that obligation. Not to mention staffing costs! Focus on whatever your core business may be and let us handle your apparel/promo/fulfillment needs.